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Seeking God and Serving People

Diane Rose Ministries of Visionary Leaders is an Organization that utilizes a three-prong approach (Health, Education, and Community Development) to equip disciples for leadership.  Utilizing the Bible as its primary instructional tool, the Ministry believes that through the utilization of Isaiah 61 and Mathew 10, we have all been called to minister the gospel in accordance with 2Cor 3:6.  The Ministry invites all to participate. However, we are particularly attuned to calling forth and empowering the anointing across the age span of Women and Girls.  In so doing, we are committed to the wholistic development of the same at #9Billion21 Flow .  We envision a cadre of women who will influence twelve cultural mountains and do so utilizing a cross-sectoral approach for impact.  We envision each of us having the opportunity to meet 10 thousand people over our lifetimes.  We do so by reaching one that teaches one and lifting as we climb, all going and growing in accordance with their gifts and talents while kingdom-building along the way.  Mathew 10:28 has commissioned us to reach the four corners of the World. The R.O.S.E. Initiative will get us there.  Yet, we have a lot of work to do by 2030.  A time when Older Women and millennials will outnumber the rest of the population.   Therefore, we invite you to enable this vision to come to pass one woman and girl at a time.  There are 311 Million females comprising 50.8% of the total population in the United States.  Forty percent of the total population Worldwide are Women.  The opportunities to enhance our voice and visibility are expansive while creating safe environments that encourage us to do the same lacking.

What's Happening?

The 2030 Vision to Impact the World

Begins NOW!

The Ministry Hosts Weekly Gatherings As Follows



 MidDay Bible/Prayer Study 

  • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm @ Facebook Live Anointed Faith Community Church                                                     



Aging Gracefully Legacy GEMS / Anointed Faith GEMz-MiniL Leadership Institute  

  • Aging Gracefully 1:00pm - 2:00pm (1st - 3rd Thurs)  @  Location TBD                    
  • Leadership Classes meet Online (2nd - 4th Thurs) 5: 00 pm -7:00 pm @ Location TBD



Ambassadors Day / Anointed Faith Ministers Gathering

  • 11:00am - 1:00 pm (Purpose Driven Community Projects on your own)
  • 3:00 - 6:00pm  (Church Gathering Online)

Check back weekly for Ambassadors Day Activity Updates 



Family Sustainability Fridays Encouraged

Please join in on our commitment to Family Sustainability and our subsequent commitment to ensure the entrance of young women into the College Dorms/Career Paths as well as ensuring we all enter into our Age Gracefully.  Let us commit to prayer Corporately at 12:00 Noon, by His Spirit, thus says the Lord.  Please take the time out to do so each Friday while devoting the balance of the day to engaging your families in healthy sustainable activity including sharing family history or engaging in story projects.  Check back weekly for our Scriptural Focus!   Enjoy!  Always w/Love & Compassion, Minister Dr. Diane Rose for Diane Rose Ministries of Visionary Leaders


M - Th


Wholistic Mental Health & Physical Fitness Challenge

Beginning January 2, 2023, we envision a year of year of sustainable health.  Beginning with an Annual Physical, join the Ministry is our 30 Day Fast to realign the body, mind, and Spirit with the Creator followed by a commitment to healthy nutrition.  Then commit to dedicating at least two days per week engaged in physical movement (ie 10K Steps), destressing through meditation, prayer, and independent Bible Study.  If you are experiencing a challenge in any of these areas and would like to process, including family challenges, or would like a free initial coaching/consulting, please contact me for a Pastoral Counseling Session  Minister Dr. Diane Rose at Rose Center for Wellness,




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